What is CLC?

Dear colleagues,

A few decades ago it was common that experienced hepatologists had a major role in the interpretation of liver biopsy findings; in some cases the liver pathologist was indeed a clinician. The combination of clinical expertise and knowledge in pathology was considered very valuable. Nevertheless, the super-specialization of medicine and the incorporation of new (and more complex) diagnostic techniques in pathology has diminished the role of the liver disease specialist in the interpretation of liver biopsies. Pathologists are currently in charge of liver biopsy diagnosis. It is still very important, however, to discuss each case with the clinicians who are in charge of the patient. It is not uncommon that the findings in a liver biopsy may correspond to a wide spectrum of diseases. In such cases, a good clinical history, relevant laboratory results and imaging data may be crucial to narrow the diagnostic possibilities. The discussion between clinicians and pathologists is thus crucial to reach a diagnosis.

Clinic Liver Cases is an application aimed at helping liver disease specialists in the diagnosis of liver diseases. It is meant to teach young and senior hepatologists (or other specialists interested in liver diseases). We take advantage of incorporating two experienced hepatologists and a skilled pathologist working in a large academic center which is a referral unit for liver disease patients (Liver Unit, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona).

The app is very friendly. Users are provided with a short clinical history along with relevant laboratory data and imaging findings, if necessary. Representative liver biopsy images are provided along with a short description of the most relevant pathological findings. Following this, the user will find a quiz with four diagnostic choices. After answering the quiz the user will find the correct answer, a short explanation of how this diagnosis was reached and a summary of the patient’s outcome.

With each case we provide relevant tags (clinical, laboratory, pathology), which can be used to carry out searches (i.e cholestasis, granulomas, eosinophilia..). Finally, users have also the possibility to include comments regarding the case.

We hope you will find the application useful. We will continue including new cases in order to make Clinic Liver Cases more comprehensive and interesting.


Alba Díaz
Miquel Navasa
Xavier Forns

Barcelona, October 2020

Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver
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